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The primary goal of MealTimeSuccess (MTS) is aimed at offering creative solutions for individuals and families with time constraints to provide healthy and fun food for all ages. The larger vision of MealTimeSuccess (MTS) is to use a significant portion of revenue generated to fund the philanthropic activities that otherwise do not receive support.

MTS takes great pride in supporting several causes like child welfare, community development, overcoming poverty, dealing with natural disasters, food shortage, equal education opportunities and health care.  These are just few of the initiatives MTS focuses on.  As projects and needs arise in other areas, MTS will reach out to the best of its capacities.   We are committed to contributing a significant portions of the revenue from this site to help with the philanthropic activities of MTS foundation.  Unlike with fundraisers and other major donations seeking practices, we believe in offering a service to the community and seek only web traffic in return.  Our hope is that with increased web traffic and subscription to our site, the revenue from MTS will fund our foundation.

MTS gives – the journey thus far
The beginning of all big things are small, a single unit in most cases.  As part of our initial efforts to support not for profit organizations and causes, we have partnered with “Kolam foundation” – an organization that helps women, children and men achieve economic independence through job skills and education. Kolam foundation has generously provided MTS with very useful information about the history and value of many spices that are included on the MTS website.

Privacy protection policy of MTS: We respect and protect the privacy of the beneficiaries, hence the precise identity of the beneficiaries are not revealed through our site.

In December, 2008 MTS sponsored Christmas meal to the fire fighters at a fire station in Colorado in appreciation of their sacrifice of quality holiday time with their family to ensure the safety of the community. Picture to accompany soon.

MTS has sponsored for a holiday party on New years’ eve 2008 to a foster home in Colorado.  MTS has ensured a very fun New year’s eve for the kids in the foster home. Picture to accompany soon.

Those of us living in the pedagogy world (as a parent or an educator) will know the lack of professional development efforts in many countries.  This sadly very true in the field of special education.  MTS has sponsored a free  professional development workshop on ‘Scaffolding for both instruction and assessment‘ to both educators and parents of  students at two rural schools in India.  This workshop is scheduled for March 2009. More information on this workshop along with pictures will follow soon (March 2009).

Please check our site for current and future philanthropic activities of MTS.

MTS – the road ahead
MTS does not discriminate against any philanthropic projects based on need or geographical location.  MTS supports causes where the overhead expenses involved are significantly reduced or diminished.  Our intentions include supporting the fight against global hunger, supporting research on juvenile diseases (diabetes), help increase advocacy and educational opportunities for children with special needs, help families that suffered loss due to man made and natural disasters and support other not-for profit organizations that work towards similar causes.

How readers could help MTS help others:
We would appreciate if you can help disseminate this information to your friends and family.  It will greatly help the MTS foundation if more people subscribe to our website and eventually increase web traffic.  Some of the ways one could help us with our philanthropic vision are

1. Visit our site as often as possible and provide feedback and pointers
2. Subscribe to our site.
3. Forward this link to friends and family who could also subscribe to our site.
4. Include information about MTS in your networking sites like facebook, myspace, linkedin, orkut and others.
5. Mention MTS in your social circles/activity groups/workplace etc.
6. Contribute to our site through user comments, writing posts with your creative solutions for providing healthy and fun food for all ages.
7. Let us know about other avenues that MTS can contribute (through our recipes).
And finally a big thank you for your support.


The MTS team.


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