Quick MealToddler FoodParty FoodParallel ProcessingLunch Box MealKid FriendlyFamily MealTravel FriendlyNo Cooking

MealtimeSuccess uses the above icons in the recipes to indicate some key characteristics about the recipes. The icons explained below:

Quick MealQuick Meal. Usually takes 30 minutes or less. Easy to cook recipes.

Toddler FoodToddler food. Foods that work well for the little ones. These recipes were created to appeal to the little kids.  The sizes and shapes of these foods are designed such that toddlers can handle them with ease.  Further, these food recipes are thoughtfully prepared with nutritional value  of ingredients in mind.

Party FoodParty food. Recipes of foods suitable for entertaining. For example, finger foods, foods that can be prepared in large quantities easily and, foods that have a great stage presentation that can impress your guests.

Parallel ProcessingParallel processing. A key factor in a lot of our recipes and cooking techniques. When you see this parallel processing icon, it means that the recipe indicates that various parts of the recipes can be prepared at the same time, thus saving a lot of time. A classic example will be to start heating the oven or a griddle, and then start chopping and preparing the ingredients.

Lunch Box MealLunch Box Meal. Recipes that are ideal to pack for lunch or picnics.

Kid Friendly Kid friendly. Recipes to appeal to kids. These foods are usually fun to look at, easy to prepare with enough variety to appeal to a wide range of palates and,  they are usually easy to serve and eat.

Family MealFamily Meal. Recipes that work well for the whole family. These recipes usually cater to a wider palate range, give you great tips on modifying the recipe quickly to suit adults and kids. They are also usually suited for cooking in larger quantities.

Travel FriendlyTravel Food. Recipes that work good for travel, camping and when you are on-the-go. The recipes also have tips on packaging and storing. These recipes focus on the freshness of the food, the ease to make them as well.

No CookingNo Cook. Recipes that require only assembling or refrigeration. These recipes do not require any heating or baking.


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