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Mango Shrikand

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This is a recipe one can never go wrong with and can be done without a stove. So all dorm dwellers can cheer to that :). This easy sweet dish hails from the western part of India and can also serve as an accompaniment to puris (fried bread), a sweet spread for a sandwiches or a wraps, a dip for fruits or a medium to blend fruit for a fruit salad. Shrikand can be made plain or with mango puree.  When Shrikand is made with mangoes it is called “Aamkahnd” meaning Mango Shrikand.

Kind of Food: Desert / Side dish / Snack
How long: 5 minutes
Makes: 2 cups
Pots & Pans: Can opener, cloth to sieve such a cheese cloth (or muslin)*, strainer,

1 cup of Greek yogurt (or) 3 cups of plain yogurt
1.5 cups of mango puree (available in Indian/Asian grocery stores)
10 strands of Saffron
1/4 tsp of Cardamom powder
2 Tbs of Sugar

How to make
Strain Greek yogurt through a muslin (or cheese) cloth through placed on a strainer or collander for 15 minutes. Extract saffron essence. Mix the strained yogurt with mango puree and blend thoroughly. Mix in saffron extract, cardamom powder and sugar until all these are completely incorporated in the mixture.

Make it Fast, Fun, and Facile! – Sri

Catering to the adult palate
You could adjust the quantity of sugar or substitute it with sweetener.

Tips, tricks & alternatives
Shrikand can also be made without mangoes. To make plain Shrikand, follow the above procedure and instead of mangoes add powdered almonds (1/2 a cup of powdered almond for every cup of hung yogurt). You will need to add more sugar for plain Shrikand (approximately 1/2 cup – 2/3 cup for every cup of strained yogurt).
Plain Shrikand is best garnished with chopped nuts while mango shrikand is best garnished with the saffron threads. But these are personal preferences and may vary from one person to another.

Serving Ideas
Just by itself or a side dish.
Children love the idea of dipping and eating, so it serves as a good accompaniment for breads (rotis or puris).
It also work fine to mix cereal into it just like with flavored yogurt.
If you ever wonder your meal is not complete with a sweet dish, then this is a quick and easy dish.


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