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CranApple Cosmopolitan

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Cosmopolitans have become a stereotype associated with a sophisticated drink for women.  But this version of cosmo attempts to disassociate itself from a pink drink and associate itself with a brown color  to appeal to all genders.

Cran apple cosmopolitan cocktail

Kind of food: Drink
How long: 5 min

For 1 serving
6 tsps vodka
1.5 Tbsp triple-sec 0r cointreau (expensive) or any other orange liquor
1 Tbsp cranberry juice
1 Tbsp apple juice
2 tsps lime juice

Formula for a big batch*
1.5  measure vodka
1.5 measures Tbsp triple-sec 0r cointreau (expensive) or any other orange liquor
1/2 measure cranberry juice
1/2 measure apple juice
1/3 measure lime juice

How to make
You could lay out the ingredients with cocktail shaker, a bucket of ice, measuring cups, spoons and serving glasses.  Assign one of your friends or family members to be the bar attender.  Print just the ingredient (for 1 serving) section of this post on a index card and hand it over to the designee.  The designated bar attender would then mix the cocktail, shake it with ice in shaker and pour.

Or you could make a batch of the cranapple cosmo in a pitcher and leave it with a cocktail shaker, a bucket of ice and serving glasses for your guests to help themselves.

Garnish choices:  One maraschino cherry inserted in tooth pick per serving or a twist of orange peel per serving.

Make it Fast, Fun, and Facile! – Sri

Tips, trick and alternatives:
If you decide to leave a print of the recipe, it could get soiled in a party easily.  Instead of going through the hazzle of laminating it , place the recipe card in one corner of a sanwich size ziploc bag.
Trim off  the excess of the ziploc bag and seal the open edge with tape for a quick fix laminate.
*While making for a big batch use one measure of any cup and use the same cup to measure all the other ingredients for the entire recipe.
Please look up our post on Moctktail cosmos for a non-alcoholic version of this recipe.


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