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Egg souffles in ham shells

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Eggs is often thought of as a boring yet essential breakfast material. Eggs can be very interesting and can also make some great looking quick meals. Try this recipe to make a brunch or breakfast a lot more interesting to look and to eat! This recipe can be modified to suit people that do not eat meat. Read more to find out how easy yet good looking & lip-smacking recipe this can be.

Ham and eggs breakfast

Kind of food: Main course
How long: 20 min
Pots & pans: Muffin baking tray or baking cups
Makes: 4 shells

4 slices Honey baked ham (or 4 slices bread)
4 eggs
1/2 cup mushrooms  – sliced
Salt & pepper

Ham and eggs cooked

How to make:
Set the oven on Bake at 375F. While the oven is warming up, grease a muffin pan or baking cups  (ramekins will work too).  In a pan, saute the mushrooms for a 2-3 min with olive oil. Season the mushroom with salt and pepper.  Take the Ham slice or bread (sprinkle a tiny bit of water on the bread to make it more pliable) Like the baking cup or muffin tray with the slice of ham or bread. Make sure they make a cup like shape inside the muffin cups. Place about 1 tbsp of the sauteed mushroom inside the ham. Break an egg into the ham cup as well. Season with salt and pepper. After you prepare all the cups, cover them then foil. Bake for 15 min. Open, check if the eggs are done and you can optional sprinkle some cheese and bake for another 5 min or till cheese melts, leave them open this time. Cool the shells slightly and carefully dish them out on to plates.

Make it Fast, Fun, and Facile! – Sri

Serving ideas
In the time the shells are baking, you can set up the coffee, tea, toast and some fruits to complete the breakfast table.

Tips, tricks and alternatives
You can try this recipe and technique with different sliced meats, breads and even puff pastry sheets.
Play with the fillings and try it with other vegetables, spinach or anything if your choice.
This is a great way to use up some of that leftover Ham or other meats from big dinners.


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Egg wash

Egg wash is a coating applied to many baked goods to give it a great finish.
Egg wash is simply a beaten egg with 1 tbsp of water. In some cases milk, butter or oil is also used in the wash.
Egg wash will leave a slightly shiny coating on top. Sometimes, its also used to make toppings like sesame seeds stick onto the top of the baked food.

Alternative to egg wash is melted butter or oil.

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