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Dessert coffee

Coffee after dinner is always a great way to end the night. A dessert coffee drink can be even better. Making a pot of fresh coffee? Well, make it a lot more interesting and make it even an alternate for a dessert drink. This recipe is a very simple, delicious and packs a whole lot of coffee flavor. Your guests are sure to be impressed with its look, taste and its simplicity.

Dessert coffee drink

Kind of food: Drink
Makes: 2 drinks
How long: 5 min – 10 min
Pots and Pans: Blender and coffee mugs

1 cup coffee ice cream
1 cup freshly brewed coffee (or instant coffee dissolved in warm water)
1/2 cup Kahlua (coffee liquor)   (optional)
Whipped Cream  ( a can of instant whipped cream)
Cocoa to dust

How to make
In a blender place the ice cream, brewed coffee and kahlua liquor. Blend till smoot and slightly frothy. Pour into a cappuccino or coffee mug. Top with whipped cream and dust with cocoa.  If the drink its a bit warm then chill or pour over some ice.  tip: You can cool the brewed coffee for a few mintues if you wanted the drink a lot cooler.

Serving ideas
Serve with Dark chocolate to compliment the flavors

Tips, tricks and alternatives
For non-alcoholic option – skip the Kahlua and add little extra coffee for more flavor.
For a Mocha feel to this drink, use chocolate ice cream instaed of coffee ice cream.
For kids or decaf versions – use vanilla ice cream with some decaf coffee and skip the Kahlua.


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Legal holi bhang drink

Quick MealParty FoodNo Cooking

Holi, the festival of color in India. Holi is a an extremely popular and celebrated through out country. Holi will be celebrated on t he 11th of March this year. MTS is bringing a little holi this month and will help you plan a fun Holi party at home. The traditional Holi festival includes a popular culture of drinking “Bhang”. Bhang is essentially made from Cannabis. But, since cannabis is out of question and outlawed in most countries, here is a drink recipe that is inspired from the traditional Bhang recipe.

Bhang (mock) - a holi drink
Kind of food:
How long: 5 min
Makes: 2 Shots
Pots & pans: Shot glasses, cocktail shaker.

1.5 oz absinthe liquor  (Fennel flavor liquor) or Ouzo
1/2 oz Amaretto liquor
1/2 oz water
1 pinch Chat masala powder

How to make
Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Place the absinthe, amaretto and water. Give it a a good shake and pour into shot glasses with ice.  The absinthe liquor is usually colorless, but when mixed with water, it turns milky. The milky look is akin with Bhang.  Pour the drink into shot glasses and sprinkle it with a pinch chat masala powder. The chat masala adds the twist and bring out a great tasting drink. Enjoy, drink responsibly.

Serving ideas:
Serve with some Indian cuisine inspired meal or dessert.

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